where work takes place



At the start of each project we provide our clients with an independent and diligent overview of the city their business wishes to operate in. Through this service we are able to deliver both choice and transparency to the pursuit of opportunity.

Our comprehensive portfolio of office solutions across Europe and the Middle East allows us to handpick the right spaces for our clients.

By listening to your requirements, we will identify, and tour, a selection of office spaces in order to define a shortlist that truly reflect the core of your business. Following this we help communicate your shortlist to whoever needs to hear it and negotiate the best deal for your chosen space. When you grow or just wish to renegotiate your current deal we will be here for you.




Having established the location we will begin the journey to define the space, by developing a brief that challenges to identify the best solutions to improve your team’s work environment.

By analysing commercial terms, floor-plans and workspace details, a full programme that fits your exact requirements will be drawn up and anything you like or dislike will be followed up with regular meetings throughout the lifetime of the project.

Working strategically, we define a program that honours your requirements not only for today but for the future.




A successful workplace is built on the seamless integration of space, technology and people. By designing through these three principal parameters, Axon aspires to create offices that touch every aspect of the modern workplace.

As Workplace specialists we take our role as enablers of business very seriously. We are not afraid to ask tough questions, challenge conventional methods and ultimately deliver spaces that elevated your business drivers and meet your goals.

By incorporating resilient and agile design solutions we aim to future proof your work place both in it’s evolving use and environmental footprint. In the process ensuring our dedicated sustainability team is always on hand to make recommendations on how to improve EPC ratings and achieving BREEAM certification to future-proof stock, improve running costs and increase return on your investment. 




Our experienced project management team provides a single point of contact for both occupiers and investors - ensuring a fully integrated, consistent and co-ordinated approach to programme management.

We understand that no two clients and/or programmes are the same, therefore we personalize the service to align to your objectives and timeline. By assigning the correct level of resource, skills and experience, we ensuring a seamless and smooth delivery.

By working through the key stages of Discovery, Strategy and Implementation, we provide solutions that are tailored to each client from inception to completion for refurbishment, fit-out and new build projects. Providing expert advice, we streamline the procurement and delivery of your project whilst ensuring effective communication and engagement throughout.




Fit out delivery means tight deadlines. At Axon, we see that as an opportunity to push our boundaries and excel at our work. Such constrains on time have lead us to understand not only what comprises great delivery, but also what makes it dynamic and efficient.

Our six part delivery process has been developed to propagate open communication and collaboration between each phase of the process - allowing for a construction phase that is informed by the procurement process as well as the after care program.

Axons ability build in the context of readily available information from past and future decisions made on the project allows our contractors to execute their task on-time, on-budget and to the highest level of quality. Ensuring we can guarantee seamless and effective delivery to our clients.




Our goal is to build stronger, deeper and foremost lasting relationships with our clients.

In pursuing these values we have developed Axon´s After Care program to ensure the spaces we design and build are maintained to the same standards that brought them into existence.

To achieve this we have taken the traditional notion of ´after care´ and evolved it into long-term service built on a deep understanding of our clients. We bridge the gap between fit out and facilities management with our specialists, who deliver ´anytime – anywhere´ projects to support our customers’ constantly changing business needs.